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We explore, analyse and execute with you - seeing the world factually

Helping organisations and individuals to improve the world counterfactually, by offering consulting as well as research services and bringing impact-driven talent together


When to partner with us


Explore the right allocation of money and talent

We can help you analyse the viability of a potential project or spending decision, develop a multi-year organisational plan, incl. goals and prioritisation of activities.

Exploring a workplace and professional groups strategy with CEA


Optimise theories of change and KPIs

We can help you define the ToC, identify uncertainties and assumptions, and set up a progress tracking system with fast feedback loops.

Detailing the ToC of GovAI's fellowship and proposing one main KPI


Execute high-stakes
projects on short notice

We can help you with time-sensitive decisions, manage urgent projects (like a crisis response), or support large-scale fundraising.

Let's connect if you are interested in our services. We update and improve our service offerings continuously. Please contact us or submit a project idea even if our current offerings do not directly match your needs. We will tailor our offering and delivery model to your needs. We can even connect you with relevant people and ideas during this process. Learn more in this blog post.


What our expertise is

Strategy Consulting meets Effective Altruism

Our consultants and researchers combine expertise from strategy consulting and effective altruism, allowing us to provide value to selected high-impact organisations. 


In strategy consulting, we helped solve hard problems for large non-profits and for-profits. During ~30 projects we advised CEOs, founders, and governments, orchestrated high-stakes projects during COVID-19 and liquidity crises, and transformed large organisations.

In effective altruism, we have founded and scaled the EA Consulting Network, conducted decision-relevant analysis for CEA, shaped theories of change for GovAI, and explored research in AI governance and longtermism.

Our broad network across both worlds consists of public, private, and social sector consultants, subject-matter experts, and agencies. We can leverage our network for projects, or we can refer you directly to valuable contacts.

If that sounds interesting to you, let's connect!

What our clients say 

“Answering challenging empirical questions with Jona felt both high quality and minimal exertion on my part.”

Rob Gledhill - Head of Groups at Center for Effective Altruism

“I was impressed with Jona's professionalism and careful reasoning. He asked all the right questions about the goals of the project and the magnitude of the potential impact.”

Karen Levy - Co-founder at Fit for Purpose

“Jona gave good advice on what's feasible and how an impactful project on KPIs and Theory of changes could look like.“

Georg Arndt - Chief of Staff at Centre for Governance of AI

“cFactual produced a talent-related KPI faster and to a higher quality than I expected. I was delighted to find significant progress on important questions arriving in my inbox once a week."

Sam Clarke - Strategy Manager at Centre for Governance of AI
Image by Jeremy Bishop

Who we are

Working with cFactual means being connected to:


~200 consultants in the Effective Altruism Consulting Network covering all large firms, levels of seniority and areas of expertise


~80 experts covering  the private, public, social, and research sector


~20 advisors, incl. senior leaders of Effective Altruism organisations or Senior Partners from large consultancies

Core Team

Selected partners, experts and volunteers

Jona Glade

Founder & consultant

(Formerly BCG, CEA contractor & EACN)

Maximilian Negele

Founding consultant

(Formerly BCG)

Callum Calvert

Expert in impact measurement (Ind. contractor)

(Formerly Founders Pledge)

Nils Völker

Visiting Chief Operating Officer

(Formerly Accenture Strategy)

Why we exist

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Our vision

To help create a maximally flourishing world and to safeguard it over the long term

Our mission

Helping organisations and individuals to improve the world counterfactually, by offering consulting as well as research services and bringing impact-driven talent together


What we value

We TRACE counterfactual impact:


Working with the result in mind and iterating solutions quickly to optimise the value of our output for the client and the world


Striving to see the world factually by using reason and evidence and by cultivating epistemic modesty and reasoning transparency

Ambitiously altruistic

Aiming high while considering potential downsides in order to unlock our maximum potential for impact


Working within our teams and partnering with our clients in a warm, entrepreneurial and honest manner


Delivering work effectively, and at the highest quality, while attracting exceptionally talented and impact-driven individuals

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